Petro Heinovych: Life in Detail

Petro Heinovych: Life in Detail

Petro Heinovych, who worked with EAF and our partner CRRA to get his car detailing business up and running, stands outside his workshop. (Courtesy of Petro Heinovych)

Petro Heinovych arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and young son in January 2023. After fleeing the war in Ukraine, the family needed to start over again in the United States. A key piece of rebuilding their lives was replicating the business that Heinovych had run successfully for years back in Ukraine. HIAS Economic Advancement Fund (EAF) and our partner, Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency (CRRA), provided the business tools and funding to help him get started.

In Ukraine, Heinovych maintained a thriving car-detailing business, and over the years had built up a reliable and consistent customer base that trusted his services. His thorough understanding of this business model allowed him to build a rigorous plan with CRRA’s microenterprise development coordinator and quickly access funds to purchase the necessary equipment. His family used this money to outfit a garage space for a new business, Life in Detail, which would service the Charlotte area.

With his skill in car detailing and his wife’s aptitude for digital marketing, Heinovych was able to quit his job soon after and focus his time entirely on the business. Life in Detail continues to grow as their primary means of supporting their family and has become a vital piece of the local economy.

In 2023, Life in Detail was among five EAF client businesses selected to receive an additional grant from the Braun Foundation. After receiving this grant, Heinovych said:

“I want to express my deep gratitude. Thank you for your attention and for your support in my endeavor. It is very important for me to be useful, thank you for supporting me in this. Your help helped me acquire additional tools that allowed me to expand the range of my services and make my earnings more highly paid in the future; this will help me expand the number of my services as well as expand my business.”

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